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 replacement fuel pump

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PostSubject: replacement fuel pump   Sun Dec 14, 2014 8:35 am

I'm getting my '91 Caprice wagon road-ready after letting it sit for over a year, without being started . The fuel pump runs but the car has 200k+ showing . The engine and trans have been replaced, but I don't know if the pump is the original or not. I'm thinking about doing the easy access cut-out for replacement when the time comes.I will probably go ahead and buy a pump. What aftermarket pumps are good and which ones should be avoided? I worked at Autozone until a few weeks ago and I saw a lot of fuel pumps returned under warranty ther so I don't want one of thier's. Thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: replacement fuel pump   Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:52 am

I will tell you that a Walbro 255L/hr will be overkill for a stock application. it's what I have for 450hp. The pickup point on the bottom of the pumps are in different places, one offset, one centered. It requires modification of the carrier. so  my suggestion is unless you are creating a beast, there is no reason to go that route.  

 An OEM replacement will work well. The first one went  for a long time. No reason to think any different about a direct replacement. Watch out for the cheap replacements, or you really will need that access hatch.


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PostSubject: Re: replacement fuel pump   Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:16 am

After doing a lot of research on the fuel pump issue I went with what was recommended by those in the know over at thirdgen.org's TBI section.
Firstly, it's ACDelco or nothing. You only want to do a job like this once. Aftermarket pumps are crap.
Secondly, TBI pumps may put out 13 psi if you're lucky, usually 9-12 psi. Any mods and 12 psi won't cut it.
A Tuned Port Injection pump can put out as much as 60 psi and is a direct, drop in replacement.
Don't worry about the extra pressure, your TBI injectors are controlled by your TBI's fuel pressure regulator, the excess pressure just returns to your tank. You can't overwhelm the system.
The ACDelco TPI pump is p/n EP241 and is $60 at rockauto, $66 at gmpartsdirect.
Standard replacement TBI pumps range from $26 up to the ACDelco TBI pump at $80.
So, more pressure and a better design for $20 less.
Stock Chevy TBIs run best at 13-14 psi, modded ones need 18 psi and up.
Just this morning I ordered the TPI pump from rockauto and an 18 psi regulator spring from TBIparts.
Rockauto also carries new fuel sender O-rings, gaskets, strainers and locking rings for dirt cheap, we're talking $1-$5 each so it's worth getting new ones.
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PostSubject: Re: replacement fuel pump   Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:09 am

Keep in mind that you want to regulate the pressure correctly, not just increase it. If unregulated, from 12 to 18psi, you just increased the amount of fuel by 50% at all points in the fuel tables. Keep in mind that even a heavily modded engine will require very little difference in actual fuel at idle, but a decrease in the table to compensate for that extra pressure delivering more fuel. You'll need more when accelerating of course, but will likely be surprised how little is needed when cruising when the vehicle is operating at good efficiency.

If you are going to be modding, then my personal recommendation is the EBL system from  http://www.dynamicefi.com/ The boys at www.thirdgen.org are very familiar with the system, and most of the big dogs there use it. Rrob is the guru that created it. It is programmable from your laptop. Apps are starting to appear for tablets and droids.

I use the EBL P4 system ,but keep in mind I swapped over to TPI and am heavily modded.

Dave Buchholz

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PostSubject: Re: replacement fuel pump   

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replacement fuel pump
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