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 92 caprice wagon, 5.7, trailer hitch, $1100

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PostSubject: 92 caprice wagon, 5.7, trailer hitch, $1100   Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:48 am

1992 Caprice Wagon
250K+ miles
5.7L, synthetic oil for last 100K+ miles
700R4 rebuilt "for 400 horsepower" (that I obviously never got around to doing) 100K+ miles
2" Trailer hitch (Reese)
RideTech springs
New front suspension (everything but pitman arm and gear box), all Moog parts
New front and rear shocks, Monroe

I purchased this car in 2002 or so. It's been my primary driver for all but 3 of those years. It's never had much done to it except normal maintenance. Engine has had Mobil1 5W-30 since I owned it, does not leak or smoke. The transmission was rebuilt a few months after I bought it. I had a shift kit and upgraded components installed. Odometer quit @ 205K, mileage estimated beyond that. Recently had A/C charged and inspected. There is a small leak near the clutch. I can get through a Texas summer with 2 cans of 134a.

I let it sit for awhile when I had a company van, then drove it for 2 years after that job ended. Then I bought a smaller car that I drove for a year, then decided to get this back running and driving in Oct 2013. I rebuilt the front suspension, everything but the pitman arm. I put new coil springs and monroe shocks. I also did a basic tune up. It has developed a slight miss lately that I haven't had time to diagnose.

Aside from mechanical and tires, this car has mostly been neglected. It's got scratches, dings, and dents. I rear-ended someone a few years ago and replaced the Radiator core support forward. I side-swiped a construction post so the passenger side has some good dents. Driver's side mirror has been backed into a tree, so the angle is screwy and there's a dent. The car was keyed when I bought it. Aftermarket stereo, probably original speakers. I don't remember changing them, but who knows. Driver's seat definitely has 250K+ miles on it. Before I owned it, it was a parts runner for a car dealership.

This car has mostly been my work and dog wagon. Rear carpet is pretty soiled/coming up. Headliner is peeling. Steering box needs to be adjusted. Master cylinder needs to be replaced-only the back is working. The car is street legal. I drove it from Dallas to Austin recently, and wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere, though I would recommend replacing the M/C soon.

But...It has a 2" Reese trailer hitch (the big one), wiring, and ridetech helper bags. I won't separate unless I can't sell the wagon.

I'd keep this if I had a place to store it, but I moved into an apartment and my parking space will barely fit a compact car width-wise. I won't even try to fit this beast into the garage. Price is what I spent on the suspension and tune-up. I'll include all spare parts and fluids.

Located in Downtown Dallas. Images here: http://imgur.com/a/V6T4F I can take pics of specific things if you want.

Might consider a partial trade for a fire-rated gun safe or firearms.
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92 caprice wagon, 5.7, trailer hitch, $1100
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