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 8 Ohm vs 10 Ohm speakers

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PostSubject: 8 Ohm vs 10 Ohm speakers   Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:58 pm

Hi all-

Not an audiophile and hope someone can answer a question for me.

I found that the earlier wagons (91-93) had 10 Ohm rear speakers. Later model years went to super light weight versions and were 8 Ohms. My passenger side speaker has had a hole through it from prior owner putting jack iron through it while trying to store jack and handle.

I picked up a set of factory rear speakers from a 92 Wagon a while ago and did not know at the time about the differences between the model years.

So I have the rear apart doing some other maintenance and wanted to put the replacement Delco speakers in but not sure if the 10 Ohm rating is going to be a problem or not?

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Fred Kiehl


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PostSubject: Re: 8 Ohm vs 10 Ohm speakers   Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:28 am

If you are going to a higher ohm speaker, you will get slightly less volume from them. If you are going to a lower ohm speaker the volume will be a little higher, but you may risk frying them if you run the volume up too high. The output transistors in your stereo could possibly overheat with the lower ohm speakers. You should use the same rating on both sides. Most newer cars have 4 ohm speakers.
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8 Ohm vs 10 Ohm speakers
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