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 98 Buick Riviera - 63k miles

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PostSubject: 98 Buick Riviera - 63k miles   Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:58 pm

I know this type of car isn't this crowd`s cup of tea, but here's a last try to sell the riv. It's a great car, but it sees little use. I've owned it since 2005. I've put 60k km on it since I bought it in 2005. I stored it every winter except 2012, and it's spent about 2 years in storage on top of that during that time. I've had it rustproofed every year from 05 to 2012, even though I don't drive it in the winter. This car has no rust.

Emerald green pearl on light autumn green leather. 101000 km (about 63000 miles). Bought it from an 83 y/o man who lost his licence after a stroke. Added some mods.

Just got back from a deployment, and it looks like that might be in the cards again later this year. Due to an illness in the family I no longer have time to take care of 5 cars, so we are selling off a few.


-3.4" supercharger pulley
-VS camshaft
-Home made 4" Cold air intake with 9" k&n filter (have original airbox)
-SLP knock-off headers
-Ported gen 3 M90 blower casing
-Addco swaybars
-autolite 104 spark plugs (2 ranges colder)
-304 SS Corsa exhaust
-180 deg. thermostat
-Auxiliary Trans cooler
-Seville STS strut tower brace
-Larger supercharger tensionner pulley
-F-body front brakes

When I did the cam, I made sure to do all the wear items (pulleys, all gaskets including Al LIM gasket, timing chain and tensionner, etc) so you should be good basically for ever.

Just did the plugs and wires. Rear pads, calipers and discs are less than a year old. The battery and windshield are from 2012 IIRC. I've been doing my own oil changes with german Castrol 0W-30 and AC Delco PF52C filters (still using the good ones that I have stashed away) since 2005.

DHP powrtuner available with the car, as well as a pulley puller.

Car is easy to re-import back to the USA as it originally was built in the USA. No duty, no hassle.

The only bad thing: It has a scratch the length of a hand on the front of the hood. The car got vandalized a while back, but the scratch only damaged the clearcoat. A car bra would hide it, but that's not a really good look either.

This is my last try to sell the car. Hopefully one of the US members can take advantage of the weak CDN and get the car at a good deal. I am very seriously considering using the provincial "scrap-it" programme (similar to cash for clunkers) if it doesn't sell.

$ 4500 US

PM me for my phone number

Fairly low wear on DS seat, in line with mileage. I put leather conditioner on twice a year every year.

F-body Caliper

Steering wheel has barely any wear

The bad:
scratch on clear coat;
short missing segment of pin-stripe on DS fender
typical hazy cornering lenses. I had polished them with headlight restorer and they looked good for maybe a year before turning hazy again.
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PostSubject: Re: 98 Buick Riviera - 63k miles   Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:27 pm

That's a beautiful car Jason,sure wish I had room for it.I see you have the braided brake lines too,I have a set for my wagon,just need to put them on.Hope somebody grabs this beauty up soon!
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98 Buick Riviera - 63k miles
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