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 Speaker baffles?

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Speaker baffles? Empty
PostSubject: Speaker baffles?   Speaker baffles? Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2015 7:47 pm

I am in the process of upgrading the speakers in our 94 Roady wagon.

I have JVC 3-way 6x9 in the back and Apline 6.5" seperates in the front door. The head unit is a Kenwood DVD player.

There is very little bass at the moment. Almost less than with the stock speakers.

Will foam baffles behind the 6x9 make a noticeable difference?

I know without s trunk acting as a box I am missing some bass, bit hoping I can make a few small twedks until I can get a real sub wired up.

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Speaker baffles? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Speaker baffles?   Speaker baffles? Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2015 10:45 pm

Dei boom mat.
I think you may notice a difference but it depends more on your specific speakers and there range of frequency. I have installed some on my alpine type r 6x9 and it is less because they do have bass blocks installed already.
This is not a bad thing for me because I do intend on adding a sub or two.
A large amount of aftermarket speakers will not have the same bass as oem, I guess they expect you to also add a sub to the system. But try it out. It's not much work to get to the speakers. Try it if you don't like it change it.
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Speaker baffles?
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