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 Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon

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PostSubject: Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon   Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:38 am

What shorty headers fit with o2 sensor on driver side and bracket that bolts to first header bolt will still
Work any body with pic of there header install
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Fred Kiehl

Fred Kiehl

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PostSubject: Re: Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon   Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:17 pm

I do not have any pics, but I have a set of shortys on my LO5. They have plenty of clearance. If you have a bung welded on the top of the header on the collector, it will work nicely. I have my O2 sensor on the top of the adapter pipe, and had to make a patch cable for it. I also had to mount the oil pressure sensor pointed back, along side the transmission. I used a 1 1/2 inch galvanized plumbing pipe and a brass elbow.

Just make sure the exhaust pipe clears the shift linkage when the trans is in first gear. I made a hump in my trans crossmember, and had to cut the end and last bolt off of the drive shaft hoop for pipe clearance. You can get a muffler hanger for the crossmember over the differential from another TBI car. The one on the right is a bolt in for the left...the holes are already in the frame. Just take the bolts with you when you get the one off of the donor, and bolt it on. Make the muffler look like a mirror image of the right, and hang it. If you are going to run the pipes all the way to the back, you can use the same configuration as the LT1 cars (modded to fit the out pipe from your muffler), but you need some shielding for the tank. You can get the shields from an LT1 wagon, and bolt them in place (you may have to drill a couple of holes).

I used 2 1/2 inch pipes for my exhaust. I did not install cats. If you want to have cats, you may have to relieve the floor on the driver's side to match the passenger's side so it fits just after the trans linkage. You can use a shield from a TBI car right side (pop rivet standoffs from the top).

If you are lowering the car, you should consider clearancing the floor for the exhaust pipe on the left. I went pretty much straight back, and have two 90 deg. bends behind the drive shaft loop, then mirror image along the drive shaft. It gets pretty close to the floor, but it fits.

I am pulling my LO5 in a week or two for a BBC install, and I can take pics then, if you still want them.

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PostSubject: Re: Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon   Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:29 pm

I have some from Summit. They consider them to be "shorty" truck headers. I think there were rebranded for Summit by Pace. It listed both with and without provision for A.I.R.. Both have bungs


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PostSubject: Re: Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon   Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:50 am

I had a set of Hedman headers on mine many moons ago. No pics though. Why not just get long tubes?
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PostSubject: Re: Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon   Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:49 am

I know this thread is old but Hedman Street Hedders 68601 will fit the TBI B Body engine bay. Actually... any F Body header that is shaped like these will fit the L05 in our cars.....


You will notice how a lot of the F Body headers look similar in design on this page...


TBI Chips had some involvement on a vehicle that had these Hybrid heads:

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PostSubject: Re: Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon   

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Headers tbi car 91~93 wagon
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