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 Stamped engine number for 91 L03?

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PostSubject: Stamped engine number for 91 L03?   Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:59 pm

I'm in the middle of dismantling a 91 OCC..... After pulling the right side of the accessory drive, I got the stamped numbers off the front of the right deck surface......V0811CLP..... Which, according to several web databases, indicates that the engine was built in Flint, Michigan (V) on August 11th (0811)....... The "CLP" indicates that the engine is a 400 from a 71 Monte Carlo or "B" body......Aside from having a pushrod channel for a mechanical pump, there is nothing else about this engine that reveals it as anything other than an L03......I looked through the "suffix code" charts to see what the suffix code should be for 91 L03 and they are missing.....Has anybody else with an L03 in their wagon taken note of their suffix code?
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Stamped engine number for 91 L03?
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