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PostSubject: WAGONFEST JULY 2016 INFO THREAD   Tue May 03, 2016 9:04 am

Wagonfest 2016

Overview - Wagonfest’s goals:
1. To meet with, hang out with,  and get to know other fellow forum members, and
GM  B-body wagon owners,
2. See lots of GM B-body wagons in one spot, some really slick modifications.
3. Trade, buy or swap parts for needed (and becoming more rare)  B-body wagons
Date: Friday and Saturday July 22 & 23 2015

Place: Seneca Lake State Park, Geneva, NY, 20x40 tent along the lake front  road just west of the pavilion used for past events.   It’s big … you won’t miss it

Note:There is also a park entry fee collected at the gate by the  Seneca Lake State Park, of $7.00 (unchanged from last year)  to enter the park facility for the day.   This is a separate  fee and NOT park of the $10.00 Wagonfest  event fee.  If you simply get a day pass ticket when checking in and put it on your dash,  you can leave and come back during the day if necessary, like for meals. There is a bathroom facility very close by, literally just a yards away.  Our entire area  is wheelchair accessible, including the bathrooms, although  the grassy areas can be a bit rough to traverse

 If you need it, here's the park's link for more info:


Time: 10:00 – 6:00.  ( The park itself is open from dawn till dusk. You are welcome to come early and stay later if you wish)

Focus:  As always, the event’s focus is primarily ’91-96 GM B-body wagons. This includes Chevy Caprice,  Buick Roadmaster,  Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, and even the ultra rare Pontiac  GM wagons from prior body styles are also welcome. The focus is clearly on WAGONS.


Entry fee is simplified for Saturday . It will again be $10.00 per vehicle. This is to cover the cost of the 20 x 40 tent rented from the park, ($160.00 this year) awards, and meal related supplies.(There is a separate $7.00 fee that is collected at the gate by New York State to use their park. Your $10.00 event fee DOES NOT include the $7.00 collected at the gate.

I’d prefer not to have to track people down to pay at the park or burden  volunteers at the registration desk to collect monies. With that in mind,  you can Prepay either of two ways, checks  or Paypal.

Paypal to:  lakeffect@gmail.com
( remember to send as a gift so that their fees are not taken out.)

Checks to:
David J Buchholz
57 Northaven Terrace
Rochester NY 14621

My direct email is:   lakeffect@gmail.com
Phone(585) 266-3464 (land line, I do not use a cell phone yet but will have one by the event)

There is an Official Wagonfest Roll Call  2016 thread. To help with planning PLEASE, Please sign up if you intend to come.


(There are also other event related threads listed at the bottom of this summary)

Schedule of events:

Thursday July 21: Historically, this is the unofficial arrival day for most out of town Wagonfesters, and a lot of festering goes on at the Micromotel on Route 5 & 20 in Waterloo. I’d suggest swapping some cell phone numbers beforehand with each other via the forum private message service so you know who's there and where.   There might be some fellow forum members traveling the same route. In past years several members have "wagon trained"  or met along the way to travel as a group. There is safety in members, in case you break down. Breakdowns enroute have happened

Friday July 22  The “Traditional” event  includes a cruise to and from  the famous Watkins Glen racetrack, home to past Formula I , Can-Am, Trans -Am, Six hour GTP eand Nascar. We usually\ do the three lap track tour  getting pictures  at the start/finish line.tc.    I'll need a coordinator for this--  Mike?

Watkins Glen  trip 2:00pm
Cruise to Watkins Glen Racetrack. Leave the "Wegman's" lot,  just west of downtown  on Rts 5&20  at 2:30 SHARP.  Driving time is about 1 hour south via Rt 14 which parallels the west side of the lake . We’ll have one person buy our group purchase in downtown Watkins Glen, as lots of cars simply plud up the narrow street. The rest of us will drive up the hill  to the track, three laps on racetrack, take pictures at the start finish line etc. Cost is $25 per car for the Friday Watkins Glen activity.  Please fill up your gas tank, and empty your personal  body  tank  before you get to the meeting place.

• No helmets needed – everyone just needs to have seat belts on.
• You CAN NOT BE LATE. Tech instruction starts at 4:30 and they will not be wait for stragglers.
• Don’t buy tickets ahead of time.  You can also meet us directly at the ticket store if you are coming up from the south.  But please let the coordinator know of your intent, so your  group ticket can be purchased with the others.

Here’s a link       http://www.theglen.com/Plan-Your-Visit/Thunder-Road-Tours.aspx

From their website, here's the rules:

Watkins Glen International asks that you please follow these guidelines when visiting the track for Thunder Road Tours:

• Staging begins at 11:30am or 4:30pm at Gate 2
• Laps begin at approximately 12:15pm or 5:00pm
• Speeds will not exceed 55 mph
• Please no passing or hot-dogging
• Have your headlights and seatbelts ON at all times
• Sign a release waiver upon arrival at the track
• Must be 18 years of age or older to drive

I need someone to volunteer and step up to the plate to organize the trip to the Glen for our group.

Geneva  Cruizin'  NIght Car Show:  In the past Wagonfest coincided with the  downtown Geneva  car show  night whenever our event was  the fourth Friday of the month.    This was one of the reasons to change our Wagonfest event timing from “last” to fourth Saturday of the month, so we could see the show again..

The Geneva Show is  a “Cruise in” event, giving us all a chance to see some  upstate  Hot  Rods, Customs and High Performance vehicles.  There are usually plenty of food trucks and live bands happening.

*** Alternative to Watkins Glen INFO******, Some may want to or participate in the Geneva show rather than just look.  If you choose to enter, Don't go to Watkins Glen, as you’ll get back too late to position your vehicle. For the show. more  entry information will be posted as it becomes available

Finger Lakes Winery Tours: Although not an official organized event (as of  05/27/15) The Finger lakes area has somew incredible wineries in the area. You might like to sample some of nature's bounty. Her's some links to help you "lift your spirits".





Finger Lakes Waterfalls and Gorges The Ice Age left our area with an incredible abundance of scenic gorges and waterfalls. Learn more about seeing and hiking some of them here:


• Saturday, July 23 WAGONFEST 2016

You can plan on coming to the wagon fest at 10:00 am for events, or earlier (9:00am )if you’d like to help set up. The park itself opens at dawn, so you can come as early as you would like..

Wagonfest  Lunch will follow past years format. Simply  stuff your cooler with  drinks, food, (dogs , burgers, subs, Alaskan king crab).. whatever.   Supplied for you will be a  large grill, charcoal, (and lighting fluid) cooking utensils, condiments,  some munchies, plates, cups and napkins. Again, there will be no food supplied.  When  all else fails, there is a concession stand within the park at the beach area, serving hot dogs, hamburgers fries etc.

10:00 am arrival
1:00 pm:  Grills will be ready to get cooking!    Sharing lunch under the big top!
4:00pm judging ballots handed out.
4:30pm ballots collected
5:00  Awards, you guessed it, under the  big top.

It is anticipated that events at the Park will continue until about 6:00pm, when most people will want to catch some dinner. See below for dinner plans

Awards (unconfirmed at this point   still thinking about categories) likely to be
    People’s Choice:  best overall Wagon
    Best Exterior Mod  (paint, woodgrain, detail, bodywork, etc.)
    Best Interior mod  (anything inside the vehicle
    Best Mechanical mod (whether powertrain, suspension, or something unique)
    Recognition:     Farthest distance traveled

Dash Plaques:  will be available to the first 40 vehicles that become registered at the event.  Last year I made up magnetic ones) If you don’t like plaques  give it away to someone else, or keep it to hold something up on your refrigerator.

Suggestion for the show: Some”mods”  are so  nicely done and subtle that people don’t realize changes were made . Free free to make up a one-page or two-page show flyer about your car to point out any modifications or work you have done. Got photos?   Feel free to display a loose leaf book of pictures of your work your work for others to see. Most people put them on the cargo gate for viewing. by strolling forum members.

Shirts: undecided as of 05/03/16, but leaning towards custom embroidered Polos this year. I’m researching costs at this time. I will likely have people contact the vendor directly. Those coming to the show can save shipping costs as I will deliver them. Those not coming can make arrangements with the vendor to have them shipped. IF shirts get made for you, I  will not be involved in collecting monies for shirts this year.

Rain plans: It’s Rain or shine baby.  So bring a freaking umbrella and don’t whine about it!  It is rare that it rains all day during the summer in Geneva.  Actually, There will be plenty of tables and room under the big top for the auctions and sitting for lunch & gabfestering  for everyone.

VOLLEY BALL GAME? We never had one before. Anyone got a net and Ball to bring ? How about north vs south or New Englanders vs the rest of the Wagonfest world?

The Parts Exchange:, Many B-body wagon parts are becoming hard to find, or are heavy or bulky and therefore expensive to ship. One of the most valuable things we can do to help support owners is to provide a venue in which we can make parts available to each other. Thus, there will be an informal parts exchange happening all day at Wagonfest 2016

Most of us simply put the parts behind the car. Park rules strictly prohibit flea-market type activities. Do not post prices  per park rules. The park staff has been gracious with us in the past and we’ve been discrete too. Please, let’s keep it that way. You are strongly encouraged to barter! Southerners, bring rust-free parts, and northerners, bring clean, non sun-damaged parts!

Saturday night:  A few options open.
In the past  some of you expressed an interest in a cruise, maybe to a dinner location. I’m open to considering a cruise up RT414 to the truck stop at Thruway exit 41. They have a varied menu and a HUGE parking lot. Let me know your thoughts on this aspect of the planning. I might be able to get the  NYS State Police to allow us to travel in one uninterrupted parade.

In general, afterward,  most travelers meet back at the Microtel for some Saturday night elbow bending with 12 -16oz liquid weights.  Hangout at the Microtel parking lot  or lobby until late. Motel management requests no burnouts please.

Sunday: • No formal Sunday morning activities  at the time of this writing. Some may want to gather for breakfast, and can make communal breakfast plans if they so desire. ( so swap some phone numbers ), See some of the beautiful sights around upstate NY, then head home.

There are several hotels in Waterloo and Geneva, as well as campgrounds nearby. The Microtel just east of Waterloo is the preferred hotel spot as we will be hanging out there Saturday night.  Microtel contact info: 1966 Route 5 & 20, Seneca Falls, NY - (315) 539-8438As of 04/30/2016 there is a waiting list for rooms.

Note : I will add other hotels/ motels as Iind them or become aware of them

[b]Camping: [/b]
1. Sampson State Park. Its only 20 minutes south of Waterloo and typically there’s room.
2. Cayuga Lake State Park located in Seneca Falls, NY. Just under 30 minutes east of the park, 15 minutes east of the Microtel.

Stuff at SENECA LAKE STATE PARK the park for the kids and family

• Swingset  just down the road next to the pavilion we used last year.
• Large grass area for frisbees, soccer balls and stuff (please keep this away from the cars )
• Long walking trails along Seneca lake
• Award-winning spray park about a 3 minute walk from the Fest.

Stuff for other family members:
• Waterloo Outlet Malls are about 20 minutes away.
Winery tours locally and throughout the Finger lakes region.
•  Watkins Glen State park has lots of walking trails.

There are some incrediblee waterfalls in the area gorges if you like to hike and prfer moving your legs..

There are some incredible micro breweries if you don't like to hike and prefer moving your elbows.

• Downtown Geneva is nearby (5 minute drive), lots of little eateries too.

Volunteer needs:
I need folks to help with the following items:

1. A Watkins Glen Track Coordinator
2. Registration  table(need two folks for the morning to meet/greet)
3. Awards counting in the afternoon (need one or two persons to collect & tally votes from all entrants)
4. Lunch: one or two folks to help setup
5. Lunch  could use a few to help clean up
6. Cleanup in the evening (three people  and vehicles just to collect garbage and  take it back to the motel for disposal)

Parking at the fest:
• Follow the WF10 signs inside the park to the the lake front.  When you see a big freakin’ tent with a bunch of wagons near it,  there’s  a pretty good chance  that it's us.
• Park along the edge of the road in the grass like last year.
• PLEASE NOTE Park rules are that we can only park one car length into the grass, so if you can park perpendicular to the road and with plenty enough  width away from the next car to open doors. We should be able to center things in both directions from the tent.

Wagon services near/enroute to the fest:

Mechanical repairs: These are two local garages in case you have a mechanical problem that is not solvable at the event.
1. Community Car Care (Bill Twist) 363 East Main Street, Waterloo, NY‎ - (315) 539-5300.
2. Seneca Auto - 66 Fayette Street, Waterloo, NY‎ - (315) 539-8259‎ or 315-539-2090.

Car washes: There is a DIY carwash in Waterloo on Rt 414 (Next to Holiday Inn in Waterloo), about 3 minutes north of the Microtel Hotel. There are other car washes in the area but I don't have their information right now.

Auto Parts store:

Advance Auto Parts, store #4273 303 HAMILTON ST. GENEVA,NY 14456 315-789-8243
Friday-Saturday 7:30am-9pm Sunday 9am-8pm

Auto Zone  1963 US RTE20   WATERLOO  NY  13165  (315) 539-0290

Other rea points of interest for vacationers:
http://visitfingerlakes.com/    ( a wealth of local info on  some great things to do while in the area)
City of Geneva  NY  website, area activities, places to shop ,  other things to do, etc:
Phone: 315-789-5005
Web: www.geneva.ny.us
July  26, 2728

Thanks to all who have shared info and ideas with me, Please feel free to  continue suggest other things to me as well so that this will be a wagonfest to remember!  Any thoughts you may have for grab bags, things to do, etc. I'm open to ideas, so don't be shy.

Note there are other threads about roll call, hotels, swap meet etc. I'll try to add links here as they appear.

Roll Call  link


hotel info link


Parts swap link


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PostSubject: Re: WAGONFEST JULY 2016 INFO THREAD   Wed May 04, 2016 7:25 am

There are still four rooms available at the following hotel, just up 5&20 from the lake.  Rate is $90/night for Fri and Sat night of Wagonfest.  It's not the Ritz, but it will work.  Book through Hotels.com now:


If it sells out, I'll look for more local options.  Many of the local spots are already sold out for that weekend, but there is still space in nearby Waterloo, Phelps, and Seneca Falls.  Canandiagua is farther away, but an easy drive.

EDIT BY DJB The point is, if you are coming, book your rooms NOW. They are selling out fast.

I've copied and reposted this to the WAGONFEST 2016 INFO THREAD. Please keep this thread for roll call only
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