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 Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!

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PostSubject: Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!   Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:48 pm

I asked on my project thread, but I'm going to ask here too. I just put a fresh engine in my 94 caprice wagon. Fbody aluminum heads, stock pistons, lt4 hot cam, 1.6rr, 2600 stall, 3.42 gears, ECM is with Solomon getting tuned. I bought a set of hedman 68609 headers from summit that are supposed to fit but haven't checked yet. Here's the dilemma...the stock exhaust is in great shape, I'm considering running stock manifolds to avoid the underhood heat, the burnt wires, an having to have new headpipes made. My left manifold has a broken bolt which is an easy fix, but I can't get the stupid EGR fitting out to block it off. I can't trial fit the headers without removing the headpipes...the car isn't a race car it's a daily driver I just want to enjoy a little more. I can find a brand new right manifold for $50, but can't find a new left. Will a 95/96 left fit? Does anybody know for sure if the headers will fit!

Also, I'm deleting the AIR pump and system...anybody know what belt I will need or do I need an idler puller to replace the pump? Thanks all!
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PostSubject: Re: Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!   Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:19 pm

Got a picture of the headers? The only set I ever saw that people said "they will fit" wouldn't.

Been a long time since I messed with headers but I know there are very few that actually fit the LT1 cars. Aside from try y, I only recommend the afterburner headers. I wouldn't install them on any of my cars these days though. The flanges are junk and near impossible to seal completely, even with expensive gaskets. I tried most all of them with the same results....leaks within months. Also you have to delete EGR, although a little modification could retain it.
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PostSubject: Re: Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!   Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:11 pm

I ran the Summit headers (like the Afterburners). You need to worry about AC lines, burnt plug wires and Just do your self a favor and get a better quality product the first time around. I'm running the BBK Shorties which are a great fit and really nice quality. (and are designed to bolt right up to your stock exhaust). I've run the Try Ys too...but I'm glad I did the BBKs this time around. The application works great for my needs and setup.


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PostSubject: Re: Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!   Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:54 am

Even the used ones command big cash.
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Fred Kiehl

Fred Kiehl

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PostSubject: Re: Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!   Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:56 pm

As for melted wiring insulation, put some heat shielding around them. I have everything I can think of, that is anywhere near my headers, shielded under my hood. They make a number of sizes that have Velcro to allow you to put on while installed. They also make heat tape with adhesive for things that are slightly farther away from the headers. You should put a stainless tiewrap on the free end of the tape.

I insulated my brake lines, oil pressure sender and wire, power steering hoses, computer wire bundle, heater hoses to some extent, starter wire, and miscellaneous accessory wires. I may also insulate the AC lines.

I also rerouted the brake lines to get them away from the headers. Mine go along the cradle and up at the junction to the frame rails.

I will admit my engine is not stock, nor did I start with an LT1.
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PostSubject: Re: Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!   

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Headers/manifolds/EGR... always something!
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