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 Time to clean the cellar!

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PostSubject: Time to clean the cellar!   Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:47 pm

I have had LAB RMW's for 21 years, sometimes two at a time.  Unfortunately with that, comes accumulating stuff.  Up until two weeks ago, I have had 2 wagons and a Fleetwood.  Now, I have slimmed down to a wagon and a Fleetwood.  That's plenty.  I knew that if I was going to clean my cellar, the Roadmaster and the baggage that came with it were going to have to go.  The wagon is gone, now the baggage:

1. Reese Class III hitch---$200
2. Curt Class II hitch---$40
3. Rear gate window(s) w/defrost (2)---$80 ea
4. Set of steel rims, no rust---$60
5. Roadmaster Speedometer display, 158K---$35
6. Set of 9C1 center caps---$40
7. 96 PCM OB2---$40
8. 94-5 PCM OB1(2.56)---$40
9. 94-5 PCM OB1(2.93)---$40
10. 6 Chevy Astro aftermarket center caps---$30
11. Mid 70’s Caddy wheel covers---$40
12. RMW grill---$80
13. License plate holder, front for wagon---$25
14. Hooks rear door blue, two---$10 for both
15. Spare tire strap---$20
16. Gas pedal assembly---$10
17. Latch for cargo compartment (floor)---$15
18. Plastic cover for seat rails (set of 4)---$5
19. Driverside front door bezels blue (2), grey---$20 each
20. Passenger side front door bezel blue, grey & tan---$20 each
21. Rear wiper arm (2)---$40
22. Cruise control unit---$35
23. Hood latch (hood part only)---$20
24. Spare tire rod, wing nut & washer---$20
25. Fuse box cover
26. Driver side window / door switches---$10
27. Passenger side window / door switches---$10
28. Blue second seat overhead reading lights / hook---$25 for 2
29. Wiper fluid tank for wagon---$25
30. RMW rear window popper and wiper switch---$20
31. Wagon headlights L or R---$35 each
32. Wagon 94-6 middle seat back hardware---$30

Shipping is additional.

This is Part I, more to come.  If you don't see it ask, as I may have it.

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Time to clean the cellar!
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