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 lowering wagon (faux camino)

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Tom Bellaw

Tom Bellaw

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PostSubject: lowering wagon (faux camino)   Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:02 pm

we are cutting a 91 wagon up and building a "el caprice-o" with a chopped top. i know this wont be the first one ever built but ours will be the first one ive seen, google or otherwise, without the ten gallon hat sized roof height. `````the problem im having is getting this thing lowered. when the wagon has all the SPRINGS OUT of it and i am attempting to have frame rest on 6X6 blocks on all four corners to simulate a possible future ride height (and so vehicle will be at a constant height while building and not bouncing around), the frame will rest on blocks in front but the rear frame rails wont lower enough to meet the blocks. it seems that without springs in car the rear the lowest possible ride height of 8 3/4 inches. the wheels are not bottoming out in the wells and rear housing isnt hitting body so im perplexed at why i wouldnt be able to rest frame on 6inch blocks when i see tons of photos of folks with bags with their wagons draggin'. my only thought is that the 4 link (at 6 in height) may be bound up and wont let car drop any further.......................has any one used rear coilovers on wagon to achieve desired height? if so what kind, what ride height u runnin" .......................now when i speak ride height im floor to frame before kickups
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Fred Kiehl

Fred Kiehl

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PostSubject: Re: lowering wagon (faux camino)   Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:23 am

I have 2 inch lowering springs and 255-50-17 tires (27 inch) on the back. My ride height at the frame is 4 3/4 inches. I have done nothing other than put the springs in, and the tires on. The shocks are Bilsteins. I do not know what length they are, because they came with the car.

Did you remove your shocks? The shocks may have reached their full compression, although that does not seem correct. I can not imagine both shocks being broken at the same time, so maybe someone put the wrong shocks on the car.

I do not know if anyone had used coilovers, but since the lower mount is not boxed, I would think it would have a tendency to bend with the coilovers. Most people who lower the cars just use drop springs, or bag them. If you are using drop springs, weld a 3-4 inch piece of tailpipe to the upper spring perch, and tiewrap the spring to the lower to keep the springs from falling out when you jack the car to change a tire.
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lowering wagon (faux camino)
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