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 Need help programming key fob

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PostSubject: Need help programming key fob   Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:01 pm

Even though I have followed all the suggest steps that I found online, I'm still having trouble programming my 1991 Roadmaster wagon key fob. The car has 50,000 original miles and I found the key fob in the glove box, unopened, and still in it's original packaging (perfect condition inside and out). I replaced the batteries because I figured the ones from 1991 were long since dead. I found the lead wire on the RIGHT side compartment where the spare tire is (1991 only), above the taillight (I checked the left side first and found nothing in the D pillar or behind the lockable storage compartment). It is a single wire connector. I connected alligator clips to the connector pin and grounded it to a piece of metal on the side of the car. It went through the lock cycle as it should, but nothing happened with the remote when I pushed a button. I tried several times, pushing different buttons, but nothing. I tried disconnecting the battery of the car for 30 seconds and starting over, but nothing.

I did get the lock and unlock buttons to work (not the rear window button) on the fob only when I had the key turned to the 'on' position, but it stopped working immediately after turning the key off (it also never confirmed the programming by going through the lock cycle after pushing a button, the lock & unlock just started working shortly after pressing the button... with the key in the on position). Seems like the TRW system is clearing correctly. The key fob can work at times, but why can't I get it to program correctly? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here's what steps I took:
- clipped the pin on the wire
- clipped other end to ground (lock cycle performed by car)
- pressed a button
- No lock cycle response from key fob
- unclipped wire
- not programmed
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Fred Kiehl


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PostSubject: Re: Need help programming key fob   Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:37 pm

If you take your fob to your nearest Autozone, they have a display that you can check whether your fob is transmitting.

I would also check that you did not put the battery in upside down.

If the antenna is not working in the receiver module, you will probably have to replace the module. It is in front of the storage compartment, and above the wheelhouse on the driver's side. You must remove the storage compartment to get to it. The 91s have gray connectors on the module, 92 and 93 have green connectors, and 94-96 have black connectors. The gray and green ones will both work on a 91. I have some of each color
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Need help programming key fob
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