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 93 Caprice Classic wagon, 5.7 and tow package, California car

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just me

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PostSubject: 93 Caprice Classic wagon, 5.7 and tow package, California car   Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:06 pm

I've finally made the decision to sell my wagon, I need something 1975 and older or something new enough that I'm willing to spend money for someone else to work on. Located in Riverside, CA.

The fuel pump acted up around 2 months ago and I needed to bang the bottom of the fuel tank to get it home from work. It started up and took me to the store and back home the next day but then wouldn't start again. I got it to start today with just the turn (and hold) of the key but it ran for just under 2 minutes (I took a video of it running!) but then shut down. It started again after letting it sit for a couple of minutes but shut down after less then 5 seconds. Tank is 3/4 full.

I just simply don't want to mess with it at this point since it's not what I need in a car anymore.
Price is $1200, any less and parting it out becomes a viable option but SoCal cars shouldn't be parted out unless wrecked!
Of course, it won't pass a CA smog test since it won't stay running and the last ones were high on HC but good on everything else, registration is up in late December. Has the normal small block Chevy oil leaks, a tiny seepage of coolant from the restrictor in the heater hose, the rear passenger window needs the plastic rollers replaced but the other windows were fine last time I checked. A/C works on R134 but is not ice cold for polar bears. I never fixed the trip odometer but the regular odometer works fine and shows 183852.7 miles. Trans shifted good but the fluid smells. The option codes are on my project post here http://gmlongroof.4umer.com/t10994-93-california-caprice-5-7l-just-a-little-at-a-time
Looks like the photos I have are too large to host on this site, but I can email them.
contact me at peavey7@hotmail.com
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93 Caprice Classic wagon, 5.7 and tow package, California car
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