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 Cruise control causing heavy electrical load?

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PostSubject: Cruise control causing heavy electrical load?   Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:01 pm

This is a new one for me.

Car is running pretty well. No glaring issues, cruises just fine at all speeds.

Recently (At least I think recently) the car seems to buck a bit while using cruise control. I happened to look, and my Voltmeter which always showed one notch to the right of the center mark (Actually around 14.5 volts as I've measured it) was right at the center and bouncing back and forth a bit.

Projector headlights and stereo amplifiers don't seem to affect the alternator much (140Amp alternator helps). A bass heavy song might dip the needle a hair but nothing out of the ordinary.

As soon as it goes into cruise it immediately acts as if I've got a short somewhere and the load is going from the alternator to the engine and slowing things down.

Could my CC module be failing? I've only had them just stop working, not do something like this. It's not blowing fuses either, just acts like it's loading down.

Any ideas?
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Cruise control causing heavy electrical load?
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