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 Headlight switch

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PostSubject: Headlight switch   Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:40 pm

95 RMW. This must have been discussed before but I can't find that thread.

Looking for the right way to replace my headlight switch. It still works but its mounting has come loose so you can't turn the headlights off by simply pushing the switch. Instead, I have to pull off the access door to the fuse assembly and hold the headlight switch in place while I push the switch off.

How much of the dash do I have to remove to access and replace the switch? I can access the switch once I've removed the fuse door but it certainly isn't going to come out that way and there isn't enough room for me to get my hand in there to release the push-pull knob.

I'm asking because I don't want to pop off any more of those plastic tabs that I have too. I found out the hard way that they they get brittle.

Thanks, Bill
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Headlight switch
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