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 wood foil removing / replacing

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PostSubject: wood foil removing / replacing   Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:29 am

the foil of my Wagon is particulary starting to peel off, especially at the edges of the doors and s.o. I´m not yet sure whats to do, also the wrap of the moldings starts to peel off. First question: Did GM paint the car underneath the foil or is there just primer coat? I can´t suggest but cost cuts were existing as well in the 90ths probably...that would be a bad surprise when peeling of the wrap and the car has to be painted immediately….

If I would decide to peel off all the car and remove the moldings as well, supposedly there are fixing holes of the molding clips which have to be welded or soldered what means in consequence to paint big areas or even all the car anyway. Another way to go might be to rewrap the car, over here in Germany it should be possible as well, anyway I´m not experienced in this techniques.

Are there any new original wooden looking foils available in USA what are good quality and easy to apply? Are they ready to apply or have I to cut them out to fit? Did anyone do it and can tell about his experiences? Thanks a lot !
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Rev Bob

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PostSubject: Re: wood foil removing / replacing   Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:20 am

The car is completely painted under the woodgrain applique. The vinyl wrap is available from several sources. Do a search on this forum. Depending on your year, there are either SS studs that have to be removed, or holes that have to be filled, if removing all the woodgrain trim. At last count it is over 60.
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Fred Kiehl

Fred Kiehl

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PostSubject: Re: wood foil removing / replacing   Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:44 am

The door handles, and other assorted "holes" in the vinyl have tan paint around them To rewrap the vinyl, you must remove the surrounding trim, because it extends under the trim. The doors are painted body color under the vinyl. If you do not want to put vinyl on it again, you can buff the tan paint off of the body, and it should be body color under them. I have not seen anyone who makes the "original" vinyl, so you are probably going to get a custom wrap to replace the vinyl. To remove the old vinyl use a heat gun, and peel it gently. There may be some residual glue. If you are reinstalling the surrounding trim, you will not have to fill any holes, or remove any of the "T" studs. You might consider having the upper trim refinished at the same time, because it is also vinyl wrapped.

The trim is all held on with nylon clips that attach to "T" pins. The trim also has a screw/stud at one or both ends. They have springy areas to allow for removal. Be careful with the clips, because they are old, brittle, and most are hard to find. On the front, and ends of the upper trim there are pins on the trim piece that are extremely brittle, and there are little grommets in the holes for them. The grommets are nearly impossible to find, if you need some, check with Hamilton Chevrolet, they may be able to help you.

The easiest way to get it done, is to take the trim off, and have someone put vinyl wrap on the woodgrain area.
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PostSubject: Re: wood foil removing / replacing   Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:56 am

Well it is NOT cheap but a friend just started installing it on his Roadmaster, and it's gorgeous. High gloss and smooth and I'm jealous!


New wood and outline trim can be seen on the 1/4 panel here, with old wood and trim still on the door.

Complete kit or smaller parts. Really REALLY nice.

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PostSubject: Re: wood foil removing / replacing   

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wood foil removing / replacing
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