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 My Official "Can't Make It To WagonFest" Thread

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PostSubject: My Official "Can't Make It To WagonFest" Thread   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:06 pm

Well guys, i figured I'd let yall know that I cant make it. This would be my 5th year in a row going. For those who have gone before, you probably know me(maybe not by my forum name though) Ive showed up in a Blue 96 Fleetwood, a black WB4 on black 20" wheels, and last year in the DGGM 1a2.

I bought my newest one in March. Its a 95 MAb woody Limited with blue leather. Up from North Carolina, NO rust! Unfortunately, the car has been nothing but a headache(or, wallet ache for that matter). LOTS of time and $$ into it,all of which has been maintenance.. and now the transmission has failed. Sweet! So, I wont be making it this year. I will next year though! I hope everybody has a great time, and PLEASE take lots of pictures! I know I was suppose to bring parts for a couple people, please PM me and we can figure out shipping said parts.

Heres a picture of when I first picked her up in March.

And heres a more recent one, after MUCH cleaning, adding all new rubber trim back to the chrome, re-doing the wood trim pieces, and some chrome 15x8's..

Thanks for reading, and I hope everybody has fun!
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PostSubject: Re: My Official "Can't Make It To WagonFest" Thread   Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:41 pm

sorry to hear you could not make it. This was to be our 5th year also . i remember you and your cars from every year. we are unable to attend this year due to unforseen things coming our way. we are hoping for a WF11 and will be there everyone take care and have fun.
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My Official "Can't Make It To WagonFest" Thread
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