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 Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1

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PostSubject: Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1   Sun May 01, 2011 4:32 pm

Well my father-in-law wanted to go to Cars and Coffee before going home to Dallas, since he'd never been to the meet. TWIST MY ARM! My mother-in-law kept my youngest kiddo and Misty was asleep. Away we go! My Dad came over and my father-in-law, my Dad, my oldest kiddo Eddie and I piled into the Roady wagon and headed out to Leander at 10am.

Some neat cars! Many new ones and some cool surprises.

Here we go:

Enterence to show. This shows reccomended hill-country cruising roads for after the show. Neat!

We got to the show and they had us park with the new Acuras (?). Oh well, it was a good spot right up front.

The first car I saw was this gorgeous Regal T-type. I love these. It's a Grand National and a Regal Limited mixed together. Turbo engine, suspension, boost gauge, and steering wheel mixed with pillowed leather seats. Such a neat car!

This 64 Vette was also GOREGEOUS

A buddy from work, Eddie "Fast Eddie" Reyes came out in his black Vette

This was a CLEAN C3 Vette

This new Vette was also a looker

The Z-car club was there

This is a CLEAN 74 Cheyenne Super. This guy is a regular at the Satuday Cruise-In's and when I got my new stock chrome GM air cleaner lid for my Cutlass I gave him my old one. He loves it and it looks good under there!

The 442's were out in force today

Really pretty T-Bird

Clean Corvair

Fun at the show!

Friend from my local club came out in his 80's Iroc-Z powered Nova

The Porsche club was there again

I still like 928's

And there were a TON of VW's there today

This AMG Mercedes was all engine

SHARP new Camaro

Bentley Coupe

Aston Martin

Jaguar E-Type Roadster

Maserati - My Dad LOVED this car

The Chevy 427-engined Porsche was there

Lotus Esprit. Wonder if it turns into a submarine?

70 Chevelles

Wild Ducati

Unrestored Original Chevy

Gorgeous Caddy ragtop

Mitch came and stole his 76 from my carport. Trans is still leaking but it did fine and got lots of attention! Looked right at home with the other classic Caddys

Look at these 55 and 59 Caddys. WOW!

Hot Audi's and older Nissan Skyline GT-R

Look at this Buick 8! Wow!

NICE Hot Rod

New Nissan GT-R


NICE Buick Reatta. CLEAN!

Very original and sharp 240-Z

For Crovo, a hot-rod Subie

THIS MADE MY DAY! Laird showed up in my old Citation X-11. He's got it running great, and looking good too! He was mad though, they had him park it by the dumpster! Doh! No Respect!
I was tickled to see it there and it got a lot of attention!

Shelby GT Mustang

Local Ford group

Couple sharp Stangs

Brand new Stang

This was neat. Fairlane fastback

I liked this, black over tan leather. Sharp

Coupe more new Stangs

SHARP fastback

The other "wagon" at the show

Sharp 69 Stang pulling in

I remember these from when I was a kid. Taurus SHO with Yamaha engine and 5-spd

Cuda 360

Raptor....pretty wild!


That gorgeous 426 Belvedere showed up. Sounds AWESOME!


Cool Willy's Jeep

The modern GTO club showed up

Great License Plate

I took a lot of pics of this Brazen Orange GTO for my buddy Ben that has the Sprice Red GTO in Jersey. GTO's were not offered with sunroofs, but this one has a dealer-installed Webasto power roof. Sorry for there being so many. It looked awesome. This guy was really cool, we talked for a while. Did you know of the 42,000 GTO's made between 04-06, that 17,000 have been totaled? No joke! That's wild!

The Can Am bike group showed up too

Clean C4 Vette

69 Chevelle SS

Hey I know that car

60's Dodge and 69 Chevelle

Just hanging out

Baja Bug

New Lotus

Clean 53 Chevy

Was a fun show today! Hope you liked the pics,


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PostSubject: Re: Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1   Sun May 01, 2011 9:51 pm

Hell YES I enjoyed the pics Mike,only 17,000 out of 42,000 imported GTOs were totaled is no
surprise.Think about how many buyers have never driven a high performance rear wheel
drive car annd that explains it.Very eclectric collection of cars but thats usually the case with
all car shows.Out of all the cars the Regal T type is my favorite , right behind a certain white
RMW.How you keep that wagon so clean and drive it as much ass you do never ceases to
amaze me.Keep the pics coming Mike as your posts on weekends RULE buddy.Take it easy
Mike and take good care of Misty and I will take care of my 4 legged girl.Man she feels pretty
bad and wont even lay down without my feet touching her.But they are my children to me
and that will never change.Please understand I am not comparing my sick dog to Misty but
they are both my chidren who make getting out of bed each day much easier for me every
Take Care All
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PostSubject: Re: Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1   Mon May 02, 2011 7:07 pm

The tail lights on that 55 Caddy were designed by my grandfather's brother. He was a design engineer at Caddy in the '50s and was the design lead on the 54 and 55 Caddy tail lights. Nice to see 'em in the wild for a change....

Nice pics, Mike, and a great little show. Can't wait for my next trip to Texas whenever that'll be...
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PostSubject: Re: Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1   Mon May 02, 2011 10:06 pm

Neat story about your great uncle John.I wish I knew more about my dads side of the family,
but he was adopted and only knows about as far back as his mom who died young.
Take Care
Jim Gordon
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Posts : 9492
Join date : 2010-06-23
Age : 44
Location : Round Rock Texas

PostSubject: Re: Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1   Mon May 02, 2011 11:05 pm

Hope the dog feels better Jim. I know how they become a part of the family. And cool story on the Caddy tail lights. Anyone remember where the gas cap is on those Caddys?

This is my favorite pic. It looks like my Roadmonster is about to chow down on some Japanese food!

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PostSubject: Re: Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1   

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Cars and Coffee Austin TX Pics 5/1
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