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 Sharp 92 RMW, 89K Miles, sadly, just not for me...

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PostSubject: Sharp 92 RMW, 89K Miles, sadly, just not for me...    Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:23 pm

$3500 BIN price but it's listed on ebay with a $1234.56 start.


I quite literally just bought this thing, but fast came to realize that a 200 foot long car cannot be parked in 90% of the spots that exist in the city of Chicago, and the city-driving MPG is, well, "low"...

Plus, the little dink stuff associated with a 20 year old car and I'm a guy who doesn't even change my own oil (check engine light came on, underside rust to deal with). I made a bad call letting my dream to own a B Body wagon outstrip my abilities to care and feed one while I'm living in the city, so I'm punting and making a car payment on something a lot smaller and newer.

My loss, your gain. Embarassed

This is one of those times that I had taken 25% of the time I've spent in front of a computer screen and used it to learn about cars, so I'm not so damn helpless whenever some stupid little problem pops up Mad

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Sharp 92 RMW, 89K Miles, sadly, just not for me...
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