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 Nice Texas LT1 Roady for sale

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PostSubject: Nice Texas LT1 Roady for sale   Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:24 pm

This was posted on the other wagon forum. Looks like a clean one! About an hour from me in San Antonio

[QUOTE=1964countrysedan;137206]I am offering this wagon for sale on this board only until Monday for $3400.00. If it does not sell by Monday I will try to sell it publicly for $3950.00 (craiglist, lot, website, etc). The $550 discount will still be honored for Station Wagon Forum members. I love this forum and have found all of you to be very helpful.

As stated in a previous post I was going to attempt to buy this wagon with no intent of keeping; think of it as a "rescue". I got the wagon and sure enough this wagon turned out to be better than I expected. I bought the car prior to actually seeing it so was very relieved at its condition. With some pointers from this forum I knew a ballpark range of what to expect regarding general cost and retail value. I think I did good on the purchase price and am going to pass the deal on, hopefully to a member of this forum (and I do not mind a bit if the next owner sells it for a profit).

As stated it is a 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon limited.

Mileage as of today - 117725 ( will continue to climb as I am currently using it as a driver, about 50 miles per day).

Overall condition of this 16 year old car is very good, not pristine, but definitely no major eyesores.

Mechanically the car is very solid. I have put right at 300 miles on the car since last week without a single problem and all 300 miles running the A/C. The car runs strong, quiet and shifts without me knowing it. ZERO LEAKS!

It has what appear to be new Michelins all the way around (they still have the little you-know-whats on them). This car does have the fancy alloy wheels including the spare.

CARFAX indicates the following:

Original owner purchased the car in San Antonio 9/5/1995 with 12 miles on the car.

There are no records again until 2/24/1998 when 28,101 miles was reported with purchase of maintenance contract

No records again until 4/14/2000 when a consistent string of scheduled maintenance , such as oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations, etc.

Included during this time was transmission flushed, balancer replaced/crankshaft pulley, heater core replaced, A/C system serviced and charged,EGR valve changed and several other items continuing through 12/20/2010, with 115,382 miles. At that time it Appears that The Cavender Auto group purchased the vehicle, most likely a new car trade in.

They sold the car to Midtown Motor company sometime between 12/23/2010 and 06/2011 at 116,639 miles.

06/2011 the car was sold and then what looks like was immediately repossessed by Midtown Motor Company San Antonio.

07/2011 (as HillBillyHipster guessed) I purchased it at an auto auction.

lifelong south TEXAS CAR rust - WHAT RUST?

I am very comfortable based on the history and condition of the car that the mileage is actual, though in Texas cars over 10 years old now get the option of being titled as "mileage exempt". Unfortunatetly for those of us that like to know the history of the cars, some of this will be lost.

I am currently improving the condition of the car daily as time allows.

The only thing I have thought needed replacing so far was the battery and I did.

things that are on my current Roadmaster list are -

Determine why only the driver's window works

Ensure all plastics on the interior are properly installed, trim, panels...

Continue cleaning interior though not that dirty

Re-finish exterior trim (wood grain finish using a1awind's technique)

Do something different, fill or at least paint the rivets/and screws attaching the black molding in places

Repair front black plastic lower air dam

Polish the aluminum wheels

None of the items even come close to preventing me from having the confidence to get in this car and travel.

I realize that this a lengthy post but I had hoped to answer as many initial questions as possible to save you the trouble. You may PM for my cell number or additional info or specific pictures if you are interested in the car.

more info and pics on initial post - http://www.stationwagonforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14864

[QUOTE=1964countrysedan;137307]more random pics[/QUOTE]

The price stated does not include delivery of any kind or any tax, title and license fees. I do possess an auto dealer's license and chose to put this on my lot inventory, meaning Texas residents will be charged 6.25% sales tax at time of sale. Anyone who has read my posts knows that I am a wagon guy who just happens to have a dealer's license. If anyone feels that it is inappropriate for me to post this ad here, please let me know and I will delete it, post in craigslist, then get silverfox to post it in the "found on craigslist thread" then just keep posting about my 1964 Country Sedan which IS NOT FOR SALE! I have no intent to exploit the forum or its members; only to share what I think is a great wagon with someone who will apprecaite it. I cringe at the thought of a someone showing up with 5 screaming kids with markers and snacks in their backpacks wanting to go for a test drive.

I am located one hour northwest of the San Antonio airport



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PostSubject: Re: Nice Texas LT1 Roady for sale   Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:54 pm

Some nice polished trim and that thing is good to go. I'd drive the hell outta that thing April to November Cool
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Nice Texas LT1 Roady for sale
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