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 Hill Country Grand Prix

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PostSubject: Hill Country Grand Prix   Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:27 am


I'm kicking myself for not entering the Roady wagon in this. It would have been so funny to see it in this group! This event was posted a while back on my local car club forum. This was the weekend a lot of car shows were going on, so only one guy from my local group entered, the guy with the 302 V8 powered MG-GT

He just posted the comments and video below. Turn up the volume, the exhaust sounds are awesome. I'm putting the Roady in the next one, just for laughs!

Quote :
Here's a decent video of the roll out for the recent Hill County Grand Prix. I had no idea when I showed up that I'd be the only guy there with a car from the prior century... and one of the few in attendance that weren't considered and exotic.

The mighty MG is at about 1:14. You can hear it rev a few seconds before hand.


In case you were wondering, the exhaust is dual 2.5 from the collectors to about mid-door, then it funnels down to 2.25 into dual turndowns. No X pipe or H pipe, NO mufflers.

I wanted a nasty 60's sound. Cam is a Trickflow Stage 1.


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Hill Country Grand Prix
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