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 New Craigslist Finds Photo Policy - Please Review Prior To Posting

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PostSubject: New Craigslist Finds Photo Policy - Please Review Prior To Posting   Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:43 am

As part of the new forum rules and regulations, it has been requested to establish some basic groundrules regarding the Craigslist Finds section. This policy is put forth in order to make viewing posts both easier and more enjoyable for the membership as a whole.

As before, the intent of this section was to provide a means for members to share available wagons found though the internet (Craigslist / eBay / Kijiji / etc.) or local publications with others outside their geographical area. While the focus of the section should stay predominantly wagon-based, there are no restrictions against posting particularly interesting or special-interest type vehicles.

To assist the viewers in determining what they find worthy of interest and what may be passed over, there is a new policy regarding photo linking:

Going forward, authors are asked to include one - and only one, please - photo of the vehicle (or parts) on offer with the respective link. What photo to include is up to the poster, but it would be more thoughtful of fellow members if the one chosen was the most descriptive available.

In other words, while selecting the close-up of a broken taillight or paint chip may appear cute, it will not get you any points with either the management or the viewers.

While we are on the subject of loopholes, don’t try posting 3 links in a common post and only including a photo of one of them. Each individual ad must include its own linked photo.

If there is a case where photos were not included in the original ad, then the statement “No Photo Available” must be added to ensure the reader knows that the omission wasn’t an oversight and there are no pictures waiting for them by opening the link anyway.

Since anyone that can link a web address should also be familiar with how to link a photo, we won’t revisit the process here.

What this means to you:

Beginning at Friday 02/17/12, any new Craigslist Finds posts not including a linked photo or “No Photo Available” statement are subject to deletion without warning at the moderator’s discretion.

First-time omissions, or the occasional slip may get a request via PM to edit the post, in order to put it into compliance with policy.

It is hoped that the new requirement to include photos will enable the readers to quickly weed out extraneous ads and thus more easily focus on the vehicles of interest.

Thank you for you participation,

- J

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Posts : 401
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PostSubject: Re: New Craigslist Finds Photo Policy - Please Review Prior To Posting   Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:31 pm

A short instruction on how to link photos from other sites:

1. Right click on the photo, scroll down the pop-up menu and select “Properties”.

2. Look for the Address:(URL) line, highlight it, then right click again and select “Copy”.

3. Go back to your post and type
4. Paste in the copied text, then type
So your link will look like this
[img]Web Address Copied In Step 2[/img]
Now an example using the forum header photo:

Right clicked - "Properties" - "Address:(URL)" - copied: https://i.servimg.com/u/f72/13/22/97/51/gmlrfo10.jpg

Note that if you paste a web address into your post, the software recognizes it as a link, and will attempt to send you there if you click it.

Bracketing the address with [img][/img], is what enables it to be pulled directly into your post.

And we get this:

- J
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New Craigslist Finds Photo Policy - Please Review Prior To Posting
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