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 Some "simple" queries about RPO codes?????

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PostSubject: Some "simple" queries about RPO codes?????   Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:45 am

Okay wagon nuts, and those others who are in denial of the fact and refuse to be referred to as such but still lurk on this site. I have some questions about RPO codes relating to the speedometer and odometer. I'm thinking about installing a digital instrument cluster  into Ms. Roadie in the not to present future. I'm trying to determine if the inputs (or outputs however you want to look at it) for the speedometer and odometer would be compatible with said digital instrument cluster. SO. . .I’ll just jump right into it.

D3X GEAR-SPEEDOMETER DRIVEN (25513049) (D3X) - Does this code refer to the changing of the gears while driving is handled by the speedometer? I have a 700R4/4L60 transmission and I thought it shifted due to a throttle response cable and line pressure. Is this what is meant by GEAR-SPEEDOMETER DRIVEN? Or. . . Does this mean that the gear selector, P N R D 3 2 1, is driven by the speedometer? scratch confused Slap hand to forhead (we need an emoticon for this) As I was typing the info for some of the other codes I think I figured out what this code means. There still needs to be a gear that drives the VSS and this would be the code that replaces the two delete codes for the Speedometer E5Z, and E9Z. Am I right?

D8I SENSOR-VEH SPD (10456089) (D8I) - This means that Ms. Roadie has a Vehicle speed sensor correct? This in turn would be what sends the signal to the ECM, which would then pass said signal on (don't know if it does any tinkering with it) to the Speedometer gauge; which interprets said signal into the estimated speed Ms Roadie is traveling (MPH); Or does the VSS signal bypass the ECM and go straight to the instrument cluster? I believe it's a pulse signal and it should be the same type of signal that the UB3 digital dash uses to display MPH. Is my simplified interpretation of this code correct?

Okay for these two codes I have no idea what they mean. At first I thought it meant that the gear that is in the transmission tail housing, and the old style mechanical cable that fed the speedometer is no longer needed and not present on Ms. Roadie. But doesn't the gear on the tail shaft have to be there to drive the VSS? What the hell do these two codes mean?

Last but not least is the B-E-A-utiful code:

I'm hoping that this code means that the Digital instrument cluster used on the Oldsmobile Custom Supreme RPO code UB3 is identical enough to be an almost straight drop in mod for Ms. Roadie. I think it should have the same input feeds as Ms. Roadie’s current cluster to drive the different gauges. That being said I'm sure there will need to be some tweaking done. But my biggest concern, other than the fitment issue (size and shape), is how the odometer works. Here is where I really need to start researching because the digital instrument cluster has a digital readout for everything, including the odometer. Which should mean that there would be a pulse signal that is fed to the odometer gauge from the ECM. Ms Roadie has the flip up analog type odometer but I don't know if it is fed by a pulse signal from the ECM, or by a mechanically driven system? Can anyone answer the question of how the odometer receives the input? Is it a pulse signal from the ECM, or is it a mechanically driven setup? Mechanically driven like the old gear and cable from the transmission to the back of the instrument cluster?

Chime in you Nuts jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: Some "simple" queries about RPO codes?????   Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:48 pm

Yes,yes and no.
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Some "simple" queries about RPO codes?????
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