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 Gotta love suprises....

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PostSubject: Gotta love suprises....    Wed May 22, 2013 4:21 pm

Hey ya'll.

I finally got the Wagon home from Jay's house about 2 weeks ago. I got some SS wheels for it which I am currently polishing... thats quite the job lol. I started working on it, put a radio in it and dash board back together. Then I started on the headers. I was trying to figure out a way to tighten the last bolt on the drivers side header closest to the firewall. I thought oh under the car! perfect. so I crawl under and start tightening the bolt and curiously start looking around.... didnt like what I found.... I found a rusty spot that looked different, it had a circle in it.. so I pushed on it,.. yep, rusted through. So I stopped working on the headers and took the interior out to get a better look at the floor. Two big spots where its rusted right through. one little spot, and the last spot is where the seats bolt on to the floor.. its rusting around the sides and can see right down to the ground... HA. So now I am sitting on the seat I took out of the car, sitting beside the car.. writing this...

I would up load pictures, but I honestly dont know how. and poeple have tried to explain to me how, I still cant figure it out.. hard to believe at my age I cant do something with a computer.

On another note, even though it doesnt apply because its not a Wagon. I did a Drail and refill on my 03 Silverado... WOW what a change. It runs so much better now!! I can barely feel it shift. Its crazy.

Jay and I had a good couple weeks! got the bed off his truck and drove down to the states to pick up a car for Jason. Real nice Caprice.

Thanks ya'll.
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PostSubject: Re: Gotta love suprises....    Wed May 22, 2013 9:33 pm

Rust-through is never fun to find. I pulled up the carpet in my OCC last year to replace it; there was no rust where I was sure I'd find rust, and a rust hole up front right under the parking brake on the floor. Never saw it underneath 'cause the frame blocked the view. I cleaned it up and fiberglass-ed over it. Old wagons is as old wagons does I guess...
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Gotta love suprises....
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