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 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades

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PostSubject: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:12 pm

Additional pictures here:

1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Station Wagon
110k Original miles
LT1 350 V8, 4L60E Automatic transmission, programming by PCMForLess.

3.73 Rear end fully rebuilt with all new bearings, spider gears, and seals in 2008.  New outer axle bearings and seals also installed.
Hotchkis Front and Rear Sway Bars
Vogtland springs (all 4)
Centerline Archer 18x8 Wheels with BFGoodrich Tires (about 5k miles)
New GM NOS Optispark and new water pump in 2010
Magnecore spark plug wires in 2008
Clear Image Automotive Tri-y Gen 2 Stainless Steel and COATED Headers with random tech hi-flow catalytic converters
2.5" exhaust with X pipe and mufflers with a deep tone.  Needs to be finished over the rear axle but perfectly usable as-is.
New AC compressor, lines, drier and orifice tube in 2010/2011.
New GM rear upper control arms and UMI lower control arms installed in 2008.
Keyless entry added, with two remotes.
Black Anodized aluminum door bezels and polished pulls on every door.  This replaces the black or wood grain plastic that warps, and it makes the door panels very solid.

I purchased this car in 2007 from central Florida.  Carfax showed the car had spent its' entire life there.  I drove the car back to
Kentucky without any problems and proceeded to do most of the work documented here.  In 2008 I sold the car to a forum member in Texas.  In 2010 he sold the car back to me.   I've put maybe 2000 miles on the car since then so it's time to pass it on and move to another project.  

Body/Paint:  Original Dark Green Gray Metallic paint in decent shape.  I'd call it a 15 footer.  There are dings and scratches, and a few surface rust areas on the roof near the windshield (likely due to old stone chips).  The mirrors and door handles are painted but not the best job - drivers mirror is crazed and faded.  Grille is a real GM factory painted DGGM Impala SS Grille, bought straight from a dealership.  There are some touch up spots on the lower doors where the trim was removed.  Front bumper has been touched up to match, and there is an LTZ badge where the hood ornament would normally be.  There is no rust-through anywhere on the outer body, even in the spare wheel well.  Basically it needs some small spots fixed and a nice paint job to be really superb.  When I purchased the car in 2007 I discovered an isolated rust patch in the passenger floor pan under the seat, as if something was spilled and never cleaned up.  This was cleaned and patched with All metal filler due to a few pin holes, but nothing structural or worth being concerned about.  The rest of the undercarriage is clean and solid with very minor surface rust, as expected on a southern car.  I will post some undercarriage photos shortly.

Mechanical:  Engine runs great and transmission shifts firm with the current program.  It's got plenty of power, but cruises nice on the
highway as well.  Brakes were new in 2010 and are in great shape.  Suspension/steering feels solid, no known issues.  The rear has all new parts since 2007, aside from the axles which were checked and reinstalled.  There has been something of a whining noise from the first day I owned the car and none of this work has had any impact on it.  Car has been driven probably 15k miles with no ill effects from it.  I can include a set of axle shafts (new) - that's the only thing not replaced in the rear end.  The ones in the car were checked with a micrometer.  

Z28 Instrument cluster with tachometer and all lights working properly.  
Charcoal Grey Bonneville bucket and rear seats attached to original power caprice frames.  Rear seat is mounted so it still folds as it should.
Charcoal Grey Blazer center console with floor shift.   Floor shift is attached to column linkage to preserve neutral safety/backup light function, but the column shift arm is removed.
"Flip kit" installed in dash to reverse radio and AC control location.
Sound deadener applied to the majority of panels during interior refurbishment.  
Alpine CD player with Ipod control & dock cable in center console compartment
Boston Acoustics 6.5" separates installed in the doors, and Boston Acoustics 6x9 coaxials in the rear factory area.
Two amplifiers are installed in the rear side storage compartment, one wired for a subwoofer.
New high end carpet (better than OEM) installed in 2008.  Carpet has one bare spot under the drive rear floor mat - no idea why.
New headliner professionally installed in 2008
Nearly all plastic trim parts were removed and dyed with SEM Medium Grey or charcoal grey to create a two-tone effect.
Door panels are in great shape and were also re-dyed to match and add a two tone effect.
A replacement dash pad was located as the original was sun damaged.  It has a very minor (less than half an inch) crack at the edge right near the glass, only visible if you look for it closely through the windshield.
There are some fine scratches on some of the side glass, like sand, and on the hatch glass.  I'll include a nice used hatch glass with the car.

The pricey bit:  Black Anodized Aluminum Door Bezels on all four doors.   These were over $1000 a set and I'm not sure if they are still being sold.  They get rid of the flimsy plastic bezels and help make the door panel fit very solid.  

There is easily over $10k invested in this car.  I sold it and bought it back for around $7800 so I'll consider any offers in that ball park.  I'll also consider trades of solid older cars, but no motorcycles or boats.   I also have a lot of extra parts, some of which I'll sell with the car and some I may just throw in to an interested buyer.  In that pile is a set of DGGM Impala door handles, painted mirrors and color matched tail lights that I'll only sell to the new owner if interested.  

Louisville, Ky.

PS - Thanks to Brokecello for the awesome pictures!  The last few (undercarriage and engine) are mine so don't blame him for those.  LOL

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PostSubject: Re: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:00 pm

I am interested - how can I contact you?  Fred 312-617-9034.
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PostSubject: Re: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:02 pm

Wagon is still available for sale. Asking price is still $7800 - but definitely open to offers.
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PostSubject: Re: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:11 pm

** SOLD **
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PostSubject: Re: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:34 pm

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PostSubject: Re: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:40 pm

Good for you, Mike!
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PostSubject: Re: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:49 am

....now....he sold this wagon before (to TX) and bought it back again a few years later. I wonder....
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PostSubject: Re: 95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades    

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95 DGGM Caprice Wagon - Lots of Modifications/Upgrades
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