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 Trip up North

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PostSubject: Trip up North   Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:37 am

Again the old wagon got some use, we left for our house in Maine in late Sept and just got back yesterday.
All toll we put on about 2000 miles. We travel up and back with our four cats,they seem to like the way
the wagon rides ,once they get settled in ,they spend most of the trip sleeping. Of coarse since we only had
one vehicle up there,the wagon gets used for everything from getting coffee at the Mart( only place within 20
miles )to picking up building supplies at the Hardware store in town,about 25 miles away. The only change
I made since last year ,other than general maint. was the headlight bulb swap that I learned about on
this forum. I switched the std.9004 bulbs to the 9007 bulbs.I did everything according to the instructions given
and it all went very well. Even my wife ,who is oblivious to anything and everything on my cars ,noticed the difference
in the performance of the headlights. So using a 17 year old car with 105,000 miles on it the only thing that
the wagon needed was a half a quart of oil,for the trip back. Since owning my wagon for about 5 years I have
done alot of small fixing on it,but the only major thing done was the replacement of the transmission about 2
years ago. So a thanks to the GM engineers that designed and built the wagon and many thanks to all who
participate in this forum for all the tips and help with part #'s and such. Lastly we got about 24 mpg on the
highway and 19 around town. All in all the old wagon has made 6 of these trips up and back,not sure how much
longer I will use her for this duty,I think a job well done by all. ed

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PostSubject: Re: Trip up North   Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:40 am

Wow...so do your Cats like riding in the wagon? We have 2 cats (but they would go bonkers if we took them on a long trip like that!)

Glad you had a good time and the wagon cruised like a boss Smile

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Trip up North
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