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 I'm back. Will need a bunch of advise.

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I'm back. Will need a bunch of advise. Empty
PostSubject: I'm back. Will need a bunch of advise.   I'm back. Will need a bunch of advise. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 13, 2021 10:47 pm

The last two or three years have been a hot mess for me. Some health problems and other stuff means I haven't been doing anything with my '94 RMW and I've only been lurking on this site occasionally and not posting anything. Now I'm sitting in a wheelchair with a badly broken ankle. That has given me time to think about what I'm doing with my '94, and now that I'm (forcibly) retired I will have time to work on it. Before the s**t hit the fan I was repairing all of the door panels (thanks to Fred Kiehl for his tips on welding them back together). This will include new speakers and sound insulation. After I get that done I have a few other things to tackle:

Body mounts -

I have never looked at them but even though my car is nice and clean I figure after all these years of being squashed they should be replaced. But where to get them? I know Energy Suspension sells them, but I think that these will be a lot harder than the original rubber ones and I don't want a harsh ride, plus they don't seem to include the bottom mounts that GM helpfully left off, at least not with the "softer" set. I've been doing all the research I can without actually looking at my car and it seems like the 1977-1990 mounts are all the same. I know the chassis are basically the same back to '77, so wouldn't it make sense that the mounts would be the same? If they are different then maybe its a matter of hardness or shape, or maybe the hardware on our cars in metric and it used to be standard. If so, I think the older ones can be bought in rubber. Does anybody know? Or, has anybody used the Energy Suspension products and found them to be satisfactory? I'd really like to know about this. Thanks.

Exhaust -

While I'm under there I'd like to upgrade the exhaust. I don't have the bucks to buy a quality cat-back, especially knowing I would have to modify the tailpipes to fit the wagon. I'm fine with 2.25 inch pipes so one alternative would be to just use the existing down pipes. I'd put a crossover in them and fit good mufflers and then see how to run proper tailpipes. Not averse to using the existing tailpipes if the resonators are in good condition. BUT - the stock downpipes have all those nasty bends and squashed places, so I'd prefer to replace them. Are there any low-end cat-back producers (Jegs, Heartthrob) that would sell me just their downpipes? That would get me started.

I think it would cost a fortune to have an exhaust shop fab something up, and my welding skills are minimal, so I'm thinking that for cheaper I could get the Pypes x-pipe for the Impala and fab up the rest. I know some people have used these. If you did, what did you think? I'm mainly interested to know if they fit right on properly, or if they required a lot of trimming of other adjustments. This is a pretty attractive solution if they go on with minimal headaches. I'm open to any suggestions here. Thanks.

Rear sway bar Smile

I got a killer deal on a LTD/Grand Marquis rear sway bar on Amazon. It comes powder coated and with links for about $43 shipped. It's the smaller (15mm) bar, but how could I go wrong? I have the 9C1 bar on the front already so maybe a thicker bar would be better but I don't want it to be tail-happy. Anyway if I don't like it I can just put it on my DD Grand Marquis, which actually needs it more than the wagon. If any of you guys are scouting junkyards for Panther-body sway bars, you might just want to settle for this one.

I'll be looking for lots of help with this car in the upcoming months. I've had it since 2009 and it's a great car. When I read about the problems a lot of you have had I know I'm lucky to have it. Thanks in advance.
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I'm back. Will need a bunch of advise.
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