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 200r4 no gears, no fluid pressure.

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200r4 no gears, no fluid pressure. Empty
PostSubject: 200r4 no gears, no fluid pressure.   200r4 no gears, no fluid pressure. Icon_minitimeTue Jun 27, 2017 7:53 am

1984 olds custom cruiser 307/200r4

So, ive been google searching and nothing seems to directly answer my issue, they either can engage A gear, or have pressure, my trans has neither. It started with a WOT pull to 45 and my TC locked up towed the car home, replaced thw TC after a few hours of diag, bolted everything back up added fluid, fired up no gears, where as before it would load up and die in gear...I saw something about a rooster comb, but that person had fluid pressure, and someone else had a mechanical linkage come off, but I can do it on the trans and feel it click in each gear. Pulled the pressure lines off, not even a dribble. I know the tc is on right, set it on the trans a few times thinking it was wrong, assumed it was too far away from the trans so I spaced it closer still nothing, I searched but there's only 1 thread on the 200r4 and not about my issue. Any help would be awesome
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200r4 no gears, no fluid pressure.
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