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 Hello from Denver, CO

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Hello from Denver, CO Empty
PostSubject: Hello from Denver, CO   Hello from Denver, CO Icon_minitimeTue Jun 23, 2020 7:25 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Kent and I recently inherited my dad's '93 Buick Roadmaster Wagon. He always loved wagons and since GM quit making full sized wagons he knew this would probably be his last and treated this car like his baby, limiting the miles driven and keeping it protected in the garage. He was the original owner and it only has 62,200 miles! Unfortunately, with all of my garage stalls occupied, I will be selling the Roadmaster. It would kill me to sell dad's pride and joy to someone who won't appreciate it and care for it as much as him, so I figured this would be a good place to start finding a buyer. Prices are literally all over the map for the few similar cars that are up for sale. I would appreciate a little input from the enthusiasts here as to how much this car would likely fetch. The only known defects are the power antenna fixed in the up position, some rust in the rear quarter panel/fender well area, which is of course very common on these and a few chips in the "wood" paneling. Otherwise this car looks and drives like new. As a new member, I can't post links, so if you would like to see photos of the wagon, please send me a message and I'll email you the link to my online photo gallery.

I appreciate your input!

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Hello from Denver, CO Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello from Denver, CO   Hello from Denver, CO Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2020 10:44 am

Kent, welcome. Yes prices are all over the place on them. Yours is a 1993 which has a Throttle body injection on a small block 350 or L05 (RPO code). The following years 94-96, the wagons got a big motor upgrade to the LT1 (RPO code) 350. It was an 80hp increase from 180 to 260.

This is important as it makes the pre 94 wagons less sought after for performance enthusiasts and will reflect on a sale price. That said the low mileage and overall condition will be plusses to it. I can't ballpark a figure for you as it will depend on who is looking for one and how big of a hurry you are in to sell it. Do your research and look at closed ebay auctions to get an idea on real value.

After 5 posts you can post up pics and links, so go ahead and make a couple of other posts. This forum isn't as active as it once was as most people are on FB now. I moderate one B-Body wagon group with almost 2K members.

If the car is super clean, I would look to Ebay or FB marketplace to sell it. More photos the better.
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Hello from Denver, CO
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