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Gas tank crack near top/attempting repair
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2022 9:48 pm by Purplezombie
My 96 RMW has a crack at the top of the tank. I've done research and found these tanks are hard to come by and not made anymore and are not repairable. I am attempting a repair with a plastic welder by melting in HPDE material... Drilled holes at both ends of the crack. Didn't work, still leaking. Next I did a thick layer of black permatex RTV... Waiting for that to cure and will check tomorrow. …

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VATS information
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2022 8:53 am by booster
As long as I am doing the carpet in the 96 RMW, I figured I would take a look at what is commonly called the VATS starter relay disable bypass wiring mod. I have seen a few places that even if you have VATS disabled in the ECM you could still get a relay failure and not start.

The normal instructions I have seen is to just connect the two larger wires on the "theft deterent relay" and you are …

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LT1 Tow Pack Mechanical Fan
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2022 2:37 pm by 68JCode
Hi Guys,

Just saw a 1996 Caprice at my local pull a part and considering scavenging some part off of it. Does the Tow Pack mechanical fan setup have any intrinsic value? I did not see it listed on the interchanges and rarities sticky, but I may have missed it. I have the impression that the parts aren't available from the dealer anymore, but I may be wrong. Seems like a fairly easy item …

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Fuel Pump for '93 Caprice SW
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2022 3:00 pm by Guy Newport
Ok, I'll admit I went out a bit on a limb when I ordered my Delphi HP10030 Fuel Pump & Hanger assembly. The listing didn't specify "SW" but it did list the same assembly for a '93 RMW so I took the plunge. Wrong-O. I'm sure many of you know of the difference in the length of tubes & the gauge wire running over the top of the tank; the ones that are Way Short when considering this Delphi …

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New Delphi fuel pump
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeWed Oct 13, 2021 2:42 pm by booster
Lining up the winter stuff to do and decided now that almost everything else in the RMW is new, probably the most likely to leave me by the side of the road is the fuel pump.  It is unknown age but I have had the car 8 years so getting old for sure.

I read all the discussions about the hose failures on what was otherwise a good pump from Delphi and also about the Sprectre being good.  Spectre …

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LS3 wagon build
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2022 1:31 pm by Wojtek
Came across this article on Racing Junk and thought some members might be interested in the build . Followed it up with the website LS1TECH.com a pretty in depth article on the swap ,parts needed and the modifications done to this wagon .

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Carter fuel pumps for 94-96
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2022 6:22 pm by booster
I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the Carter pumps. I seem to remember a few years ago reading that at that time the AC Delco and Carter were the top choices, but I don't recall where that was.

I am still without a correct or decent pump for the replacement in my 96 RMW. I ordered a Delphi first as that has been the most commonly recommended, I think, but I received a sedan pump. …

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Install easy access door for fuel pump
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeMon May 06, 2013 4:31 pm by silverfox103
Having owned these style wagons and Caprices for 17 years, like alot of us, I have had to drop the gas tanks to replace the fuel pump.  Never fails, the tank is usually closer to full than empty and they usually don't fail in your driveway.  They will leave you stranded.  Joel, is correct, they are dependable and last a long time; but they fail, it's just a matter of time.  The two that I …

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WagonFest FL 2022 - Needs a coordinator
GM Longroof Forum - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Oct 18, 2021 1:21 pm by Sprocket
As WF FL is always the last weekend in March, this next one should be March 25-27, 2022.

I will be in Hawaii for the 2 weeks running up to the event, and won't be readily available to help organize.

That said, if you all wanna have it, someone else here needs to step in and help with the planning.  It's not that hard only a few things need to happen:

1. Block of Rooms reserved at the Best …

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