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 Legacy B-Body Information

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PostSubject: Legacy B-Body Information   Legacy B-Body Information Icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 12:54 pm

Some older but still relevant and/or archived sites from years past. Since interest in these cars saw the largest expansion with the introduction of the Impala SS, and the demographic of the first owners was such that they had some of the earliest internet access, many are Impala focused. Still, there is much good technical & historical information to be found. Many of the internal page links are lost, but try them anyway as some still work.

Rob Cheek’s Impala SS Home Page:

Impala SS FAQ List:

Impala SS Tech Archives:

IGBA Tech Articles:

IGBA Photo Gallery:

Caprice 9C1 Technical Information:

Caprice 9C1 Picture Gallery:

Grail Technical/Documents:

The Herd Tech Articles:

Original Installation Instructions - Overhead Console Mod:

RamAir SS Intake:

AZ Supersport:

Ben's 1994 Caprice Wagon:

Camino Kid’s 9C1 Buildup:

Caprice SS Project:

Dave's Bonneville Seat Install:

Dave's Camaro Cluster Install:

Dustin's Caprice SS Project:

George's Cherry Bomb:

GoldSSWagon’s How-To Articles:

Kevin's Camaro Cluster Install:

LT1 Intake Gallery:

LT1 Team SS Intake Gallery:

Mike’s Bonneville Seat FAQ’s:

Scott's Impala SS Page:

Steve’s 9C1 Page:

Steve’s 1991 Caprice:

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Legacy B-Body Information
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