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 Fiberoptic Indicators

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PostSubject: Fiberoptic Indicators   Fiberoptic Indicators Icon_minitimeFri Oct 30, 2015 9:15 am

One of the headlights went on the wagon, so picked up some Sylvania Performance lights at Autozone. My fiberoptic lights on the fenders do not light up and the only one that does is the middle indicator/blinker light. Since I'm pulling lights I decided to see how/if it worked. Figured I'd post this here for any of the other boxies. Still haven't gotten them to work after the fix, but its better than when I started. Maybe try a different brand. Good news, I have two working headlights again.

Removed the old one.
Fiberoptic Indicators 20150918_221238_zpsmilbnpuj

Water in the bulb. Not good.
Fiberoptic Indicators 20150918_221248_zpsqfu6scr0

A look at the light socket. The little circle in the middle is where the fiberoptic cable gets its light.
Fiberoptic Indicators 20150918_220038_zpsdhnthutu

Another angle.
Fiberoptic Indicators 20150918_220045_zpsczdttr6t

To prove this, I shined my droplight into each socket and the fender did light up.
Fiberoptic Indicators 20150918_215808_zpssfczzy5q

Looking at the new light, I thought it had some slot to shine through, but apparently not.
Fiberoptic Indicators 20150918_220225_zpsyyzbt8f4
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Fiberoptic Indicators
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