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 dodge shocks on a b/d body

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dodge shocks on a b/d body Empty
PostSubject: dodge shocks on a b/d body   dodge shocks on a b/d body Icon_minitimeMon Jun 20, 2016 11:56 pm

caddy needed front shocks so bad it was embarrassing,.turned out the drivers front shock was empty,.

so i ordered a set of dodge van shocks,. which are a little beefier than stock,. i bought monroe's, the medium duty ones,.
The bottom bolt holes need to be elongated to match the narrower gm bolts,. but length wise they are perfect,
the barrel being a little fatter they have to go in thru the wide part then slide into place going up through the lower control arm,.
car is so much nicer to drive,.

dodge shocks on a b/d body Image_zpshhpzycuw

they hold well and are not as expensive as the HD shocks for the car,. or a premium name brand
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dodge shocks on a b/d body
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