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 Low mile cars can be a pain,.

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phantom 309

phantom 309

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Low mile cars can be a pain,. Empty
PostSubject: Low mile cars can be a pain,.   Low mile cars can be a pain,. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 07, 2016 10:00 am

I,ve never been hung up on the mileage on a car,.most of my fleet is well seasoned and giving pretty good service and mostly reliable,.

except a certain low mile fleetwood,.with 40,000 miles on it now,

The heater core puked,..

Just parking at the grocery store intown, the smell of coolant become overwhelming,along with the nice steam coming from the vents,. much to the annoyance of the queen, princess and prince,.
A stream of green life support fluid rolling across the parking lot from behind the front wheel was a pretty good indication the core had just ruptured.
Low mile cars can be a pain,. Image_zps8ofhltos

The car had been running a little hot when i first got it, and i flushed the cooling system in every direction i could and got all of the original coolant (1995 looking like chocolate milk) out and removed the coolant recovery tank and cleaned it out,.added a new stat, but it was always running a little hotter than i liked,
The core failed by rotting out right in the lowest spot, simply from lack of regular coolant flow,
driven by an older guy, and with the restrictor in the line, the 'crap' never got evenly distributed through the system,.and just settled and plugged one spot,.iron oxide then went to work,.

I went on a quest to get a new heater core,. and discovered its actually getting difficult to buy a decent quality one in canada anymore,.
There are ac delco units available in the usa, but they aren't cheap, and would take a while to get to me or i would have to go across the border and pick it up,.
I manged to get a cheap core made by spectra. The new core comes with coolant pipes that rotate,.???
Right away i really didn't like this so being a certified JB welder, I epoxed the tubes into place in the right position, taking care of a future potential failure spot.

Low mile cars can be a pain,. Image_zpswmnxwvlq

I followed the internet advice of moving the pass front seat off its mounts and into the back a little,
took a while to realize this core has two retaining clips one at each end, a more powerful set of glasses able to focus 3" above my nose really helped with this,.
It's back together now,. but i forgot to put one bolt back  Laughing    

I used wd 40 on the holes through the foam on the firewall, it really helped when sliding the core into place,.

I think these heater cores are the same for all b/d bodies.
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Fred Kiehl

Fred Kiehl

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Low mile cars can be a pain,. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Low mile cars can be a pain,.   Low mile cars can be a pain,. Icon_minitimeWed Sep 07, 2016 10:22 am

I believe the 91-93 heater cores are different from the 94-96 units. The 91-93s use a "quick disconnect" (this is not to be confused with "easy disconnect"). R&R is the same.

I decided to start using Evans coolant, because it does not have water in it, and therefore does not promote electrolysis. The metals stay where they are, and do not cause detrimental issues with other metals in the coolant system.
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Low mile cars can be a pain,.
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