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 Cassette tape stuck in used deck

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Cassette tape stuck in used deck Empty
PostSubject: Cassette tape stuck in used deck   Cassette tape stuck in used deck Icon_minitimeSun Jun 30, 2019 1:29 pm

My car came from the seller with some stuff in the well, including a cd/cassette/radio he states was from a junkyard 97 regal. My radio died last week, so I put the used radio in this afternoon. Good news the CD and radio work fine. There is a cassette in the player that does not want to come out, just like in the original deck. I have read of the bluetooth receiver that can be used in the tape slot to play from my phone. I'm interested, but only if the tape deck functions. Any tips to remove the tape without destroying the deck?

Also someone has had this dash panel off before, and there are a number of cracks, missing sections, missing tabs, etc. No wonder the fit was a little wonky.  Does anyone have an affordable tan 96 RMW dash panel? I'm at the jersey shore, 08724.



update: the radio started out nice & clear, now it's going all static just like the old radio did. Must have an intermittent antenna issue. At least the CD is good.
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Cassette tape stuck in used deck
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