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 WF FL Info Thread

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PostSubject: WF FL Info Thread   Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:41 pm

For those not in the know, Wagonfest started in 2006 (I think) in upstate New York. It is still an ongoing event the last weekend in July every year. There is a separate thread about it and you can look at that for more info.

Wagonfest FL was born out of the SOFASST and GOFASST joint event at the Daytona Beach Spring Car Show. This show is now known as the Spring Turkey Run. I first attended the "Show within the Show" in 2009. It was full blown affair with sponsors, a raffle, nice prizes, and a bunch of B-bodies. Figuring why re-invent the wheel, I just used the Wagonfest name and brought that show to this form. The first year the number of wagons eclipsed the SS by one or two, but we were in the majority. Several of us stayed at the same place and there was a Mercury Cougar club there too. They had a catered BBQ Saturday after the show that gave me an idea.

In any event the following year the two SS clubs decided not to hold their event at the last minute due to lack of funds (they spent alot the previous year) and lack of participation. Luckily the seed had be sown and we soldiered on. Many of the SS crowd still showed up and we parked in the same area. Pretty much the same thing but no tent, no raffle.....but we had gotten a block of rooms and I brought a BBQ with me! The Bacon wrapped steaks were a hit!

Last year we got a little more organized, but this is by now means a full fledged shindig. It's a grassroots get together to celebrate GM's genius in creating the B-Body. While primarily a wagon event, anyone with a love of B or D bodies is more than welcome.

In order to attend the Wagonfest get together/show (your wagon does NOT have to be show quality).
YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE TURKEY RUN. . We have NO AFFILIATION with the Turkey Run. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU PRE REGISTER YOUR VEHICLE . Last year some people did not and were turned away at the gate.
Despite what the website says, they like our wagons and even some fairly rough looking ones have been allowed in. Being Pre-registered they pretty must wave you through without alot of scrutiny. You can register here http://turkeyrun.com/ Click on Car Show to be taken to the registration page. You are allowed to bring in 4 people per car so bring your friends!

When registering and asked about club affliation. YOU HAVE NO CLUB AFFILIATION. We are not an official club and do not want to be recognized as such.

If you have been to a show here, the venue is HUGE. Really one day is not enough to see everything.

I will also solicit any help in pulling it off. If everyone does a little bit, it takes alot of burden off. I did get quite a bit of behind the scenes help last year and some of that help just won't be around this year.

So on to the good part



The show is open and runs from 8-4 although it's lightly attended. May be a good time to hit the vendor area if you get in early enough.
Also there is a junkyard about a mile or two from the hotel if you like that. They usually update their inventory online.
Usually, as people arrive and get settled, we either head to a local car wash (this can be it's own adventure) and then dinner.
I'm putting it out there if some want to head to the beach for an on the sand photo shoot, I would be up for that (beach driving shuts down at sunset so some advance planning is necessary).
Friday night back at the hotel, is usually an early night as we start fairly early in the morning, but there are usually old friends and new friends hanging out in the parking lot.


We usually meet up around 8AM in the shopping center parking lot just east of the hotel in order to meet up with the local day-trippers from Orlando, Tampa, and Jax. We then head out enmasse and drive around the backside of the track to the entry gate. It's an impressive site to see 30 b-bodies rolling in together. We park together and we are there until the end of the day. The show is huge with thousands of cars. You will be hard pressed to see every car in 8hrs. I pack a lunch and drinks in a cooler, it gets HOT out there.

The ever popular Ninja/Flash Mob BBQ. We don't ask permission, we just do it (easier to ask forgiveness right?) Last year was right behind the lobby and the staff didn't mind. Also, there is an area by the back parking lot, but it was wet last year. Bring your own chair. Details coming but usual cost is about $10- $12 a person. That will be addressed in another thread.

Many go back over to the show, however, attendance is ALOT lighter than Saturday. I usually hit the vendors now as it's alot lighter crowd. If you stay long enough you get to drive a lap on the track and get a photo.
This year it's Easter Sunday just in case you didn't know.

What should you bring you might ask?
A Few things we found were helpful last year on the infield:

SUNBLOCK - you'll be sorry if you don't

A small cooler with water and snacks - it's FLORIDA and it's hot. I pack a picnic lunch so I can spend more money in the vendor area, lol.

A couple of folding chairs - long day and sitting on the tailgate gets old - I'll bring a few as I understand the long haulers don't have lots of space.

Pop up sunshade tent (EZ-Up of the like) - If the sun's out, it gets roasty toasty out there, and there is not many spots to hide from it. ( 3 or 4 were brought last year and it was enough). - I have one I'm bringing.

Comfy shoes, you'll be walking....ALOT.

Camera, lot's of cool rods to take pics of.
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PostSubject: Re: WF FL Info Thread   Tue Jan 19, 2016 9:42 pm

Everything he said. It's a lot of fun. Great show, fun people, and if you are making the trek from up north, much warmer weather than you are accustomed to in March.
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PostSubject: Re: WF FL Info Thread   Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:07 am

This sounds like fun.
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PostSubject: Re: WF FL Info Thread   

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WF FL Info Thread
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