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 Fun in Dallas Tx this weekend - PICS

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PostSubject: Fun in Dallas Tx this weekend - PICS   Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:41 am

My brother-in-law turned 40 over the weekend and we drove up to attend a big party his wife put together Sat night.

Took the Suburban instead of the wagon since my Dad came and we needed all three seats plus luggage room. With 170K the old Burb did great, except got a nail right on the edge if the left front tire and ended up riding on the spare....and averaged 15mpg for the 500-miles I drove this weekend....ouch...THAT made me really miss the Roady's 23mpg!!

ANYWAY we had a great time. It was my job to get my brother-in-law out of the house during the day Saturday so the women could set up for the party. We went to Campizi's Eqyptian Pizza for lunch...GOOD STUFF, and then went to a cool car and motorcycle show, and followed that up with "Beer and Bacon" happy hour at Mextopia in Lower Greenville...and then got home in time for the party. A GOOD Saturday!!

My brother-in-law rides a 1996 Ducati ST2, and is a total Ducati nut. Personally I think they are WEIRD bikes and like most things Italian you spend more time tinkering than riding them...but can't deny they are fast and have wild styling. They use a dry clutch and at idle from the side all you hear is BANG_CLANG_BANG_BANG>CLANG>BANG_CLANG_BANG_RATTLE! You think there is something wrong, but they are SUPPOSED to sound like that...ok. Ha!

From the rear they sound like a big Chevy V8 with a lumpy cam at idle...that part I like!

This turned out to be a great show, with a TON of Ducati's, but also some other nice bikes and some very cool cars too! I know it's not wagon-related, but the cars were cool and the bikes were awesome, and I KNOW we have some cycle fans on here, so thought you all might get a kick out of the pics. As usual...I had my camera.


This is what greeted us at the show...banners, a huge vintage photo of the Ducati factory, and some wild looking new bikes mixed with some wild looking classic bikes. Sat on the new bikes....really wild stuff!

Check out the "Ram Air" scoop on this one

Scooter Fun

Wild Hayabusa

Lamborghini with a great plate

Brand new Mustang Boss 302

Some gorgeous Cobras

Spotless Pantera

427 Corvette Roadster

Not one but TWO Atoms

Just Mean

GT500 Super Snake


Quite a mix of bikes

Also quite a mix of cars!

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a Triumph Bonneville!

Sharp Cougars

Ford GT's

Ducati motor

These three bikes were amazing....as they should be...each stickers for $70K....that's $70,000 each....holy cow!

Exhaust comes up through the rear fairing

There were "just a few" Ducati's there......

This was a bit older but my brother-in-law really loved it...it was in the "attainable" price range! Ha!

I on the other hand loved this!

Another neat toy



Wild looking bikes

My father-in-law trying to take it all in

This is an ST4, the newer version of my brother-in-law's ST2. The "sport touring" Ducati

You KNOW this thing can run!

Gorgeous LS2-powered C-10 pickup

Bond....James Bond....

Pace Car Corvette

Fun Weekend! Hope you liked the pics.

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Fun in Dallas Tx this weekend - PICS
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