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 A Tow Hitch?

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A Tow Hitch? Empty
PostSubject: A Tow Hitch?   A Tow Hitch? Icon_minitimeThu Oct 16, 2014 10:55 am


I'm searching for a trailer hitch for my 1989 Buick Estate Wagon.

I've read the archives and there is not much that pertains to the Boxie's. Mostly 95 and later.

All I can find on the net is class II (1.25") that just won't do, I gotta have a Class III, A couple of sites list a Class III, (Reese/draw tite) but nobody has one in stock...

She's only 25 years old and nobody stocks a hitch any more, IMAGINE THAT...

The "way cool wagon" has the towing package and air lift factory set up, so all I need to do now is find a hitch.

Anybody out there have one hiding in the barn or leaning against the shed?

How about a solid lead?

As usual, sarcasm and smart azz remarks will be considered for content and graded for humor...

Thanks, Paul
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PostSubject: Re: A Tow Hitch?   A Tow Hitch? Icon_minitimeThu Oct 16, 2014 11:25 am

Yeah, Class III hitches are the Delorean Left Front Fender of the Wagon world. They just aren't made anymore and you have to be very lucky to find one at a junkyard.

In regards to the 91-96 class III threads, since the frames and many other components are exactly the same, they are still relevant. The best way to get a hitch is to have a fabricator build one to spec. Rabalc, in that thread, did a run of those and its a good thread to read up (probably one of the threads you came across)

Now since it was measured with the Roadmaster, it may not be exact for our boxes, but whip out the measuring tape and take a look under the car. At the very least mock up some cardboard to see where and if it'll fit. Mine has True Duals so I would need to ensure it would clear everything.

Hope this helps Paul.
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A Tow Hitch?
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