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 my collection

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PostSubject: my collection   my collection Icon_minitimeWed Jul 17, 2019 6:33 pm

my collection 89_sid10
paid 1000 dollars about 12 years ago for this one put about 6000 into since then, sadly my older brother fried the electrical so it's sitting till he pays to get it towed in and fixed. this is a 1989 Chevy R2500 crew cab

my collection Buick11
my most recent addition, just need to get the A/C going agian and this will be a perfect daily driver aswell as nice show car

my collection Dually10
my collection Dually11
The Beast, 1986 GMC 1 ton crew cab dually, 454ci big block all cast iron V8 rebuilt with some slight mods. the truck has power windows, and locks, tilt wheel, supposed to have A/C, and cruise control, but someone ripped those out sadly. trying to restore along with the 89 but money is tight. (And yes the wreath stays on all year long the entire time I've owned the truck and it does have lights that plug into the cigarette lighter.)

my collection Pontia11

got ripped off on this one as about two weeks after I got it had to get the transmission rebuilt and the mechanic was shocked that it could still move at all let alone get 22 mpg with how bad the transmission was. Still dealing with issues but this is my blue plate car and my emergency back up if the buick goes down and I have to go somewhere
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my collection
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