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 ATR pitbull mufflers

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PostSubject: ATR pitbull mufflers   ATR pitbull mufflers Icon_minitimeMon Feb 06, 2012 10:34 pm

I used to have the ATR quad on my PPM RMS. I loved the sound of that exhaust. IMO, it's the best sounding exhaust system made for the B-Bodies. Here's a photo of the ehxaust:
ATR pitbull mufflers 22932070027_large
ATR pitbull mufflers 22932070026_large
ATR pitbull mufflers 22932070025_large
ATR pitbull mufflers 22932070024_large

I ended up selling the car in the Prairies. I always regretted leaving the exhaust on the car. The guy I sold it to ended up selling it to someone else, and it popped back up on [ulr=]kijiji[/url] just the other day. Noticing the seller had removed ALL FOUR mufflers (which is insane, the ATR was loud as hell) I offered him $100 for all 4 304SS pitbull mufflers, which he gladly accepted.

Obviously I didn't get the 304SS H pipe or OTA pipes back as they're still on the car, but that's ok. I no longer have a sedan and recently had some custom 304SS OTA pipes made for the Wagon. I plan on using a 409SS Pypes X-pipe in lieu of the 304SS H-pipe. Hopefully this Frankenstein exhaust will sound as good as I remember!
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ATR pitbull mufflers
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